I’m dealing with creepers in my life (sexual harassment). The way I’m dealing with it is satire. I’m the creeper now.

I’m dealing with creepers in my life (sexual harassment). The way I’m dealing with it is satire. I’m the creeper now.

I’ve had blue hair on and off since I was in high school. That’s… about 8 years, more or less. I’ve picked up a lot of tips during this time. I want to share them with everyone that’s dying their hair before they end up with a bathroom that looks like a scene from a horror movie or a face that looks like Hellboy, the wicked witch of the West, or a Smurf with bad hair. 

These tips are for semi-permanent cream dye, I don’t use that watery permanent stuff, so I don’t know if these tips would even apply to that. They aren’t necessarily in order, so I suggest you read everything before you start. This is not a “how to” article. These are tips to be used in addition to a how to article.

Tips before you begin
-bleach dark hair before you dye
-wash all the dirt, oil, and hair products out, and dry your hair (don’t use hair conditioner)
-brush your hair
-separate your hair into sections (hair clamps or claws, w/e, hair ties later, maybe are a drag though)
-clear all unnecessary clutter away from your work area
-lay down paper towels or old towels on your work area, even the floor
-cut extra pieces of paper towels, moisten a few of them (wipe with a moist one, then a dry one)
-gather everything you’ll need
-put petroleum jelly on your skin near your hair line and ears to protect your skin from the dye (I don’t do this though…)

Tips while dying your hair
-wear gloves
-wear clothes you wouldn’t mind ruining (or just don’t wear clothes…)
-if you have long hair, dye one stand of hair at a time, one section at a time
-use a lot of dye to ensure complete coverage
-don’t be stingy with the dye unless your want your hair color to be uneven
-you can dilute the color cream with conditioner for lighter colors (pastel trend)
-you can use the dye right out of the dye, unless you are mixing colors, there is no need to transfer the jar into a mixing bowl
-be conscious of where you put your hands, tools, and hair if they are covered in dye
-you need a soapy washcloth to wash off the color that gets on your skin (the longer it sits on your skin the deeper it goes and the harder you will have to scrub later [bad for your skin])
-once all your hair is covered with dye, tie it up, or put on a shower cap until it’s time to wash the dye out
-use this time to clean up your mess
-if you’re going to do something else, take your gloves off and throw them away
-do not try to put the same gloves back on again later

Tips for cleaning up
-while still wearing gloves, fill the sink with cold water (hot water helps the dye penetrate surfaces and stain deeper)
-if the gloves your are wearing are covered with dye, wash your hands with them still on, then dry them
-reseal the left over jars of dye and wipe them clean
-throw away the empty jars or wash them very well to use them as storage for little things
-wipe down all your tools, dump them in the sink with cold water, and wash the dye away, then wipe them dry
-even if you think your tools are clean, dye has a funny way of sticking around and staining things if you put them down on something while still wet
-pick up the paper towels or old towels and throw them away (you can wash your old towels though, I don’t care)
-if you still managed to get dye on the sink, floor, table or anything else… clean it up… with cleaning stuff… and such…
-by the time you finish cleaning up, it’ll probably be time to wash the dye out of your hair, so you should keep the gloves on, otherwise, you may take them off
-again, do not try to put them back on later

Tips for washing the dye out after the first application
-wear gloves
-have the towel near by so you don’t drip all over the place
-wash it out with cool water
-use a detachable shower head low to the floor to avoid splattering dye all over the walls of your shower, or use the bathtub faucet
-if your bathtub or shower walls are grimy, the grime will get dyed and become very noticeable. if your bathtub and shower walls are clean, it shouldn’t be too big of a problem (unless your use hot water!)
-if you do stain your bathtub or walls, at least try to removed it
-since your hair should have been clean since the beginning, you don’t need to shampoo again
-you should probably use conditioner though
-rinse until water runs clear (it won’t run completely colorless, just decide when it’s colorless enough)
-wrap your hair in a towel and soak up all the water you can
-blow dry your hair

Tips for maintenance
-If you bleached your hair, it’s most likely damaged. You have to use extra products to make it look less damaged and easier to work with
-if it’s bleached be extra careful while brushing your hair
-wear gloves the first few times you wash your hair since the dye will still be significantly runny
-wash your hair with a gentle shampoo
-wash your hair with cool water (hot/warm water makes the color bleed more so it fades faster), put it in a bun, and wash your body with warmer water (keep that warm water away from your hair!)
-check your neck, face, and hairline after your get out of the shower, the dye might have bled onto your skin
-protect your hair from snow, rain, sprinklers, and… you probably shouldn’t go swimming
-blow-dry your hair or else a little bit of dye will get on your skin as it slowly air dries
-the dye will get on your towels and pillows, maybe even the collar of your shirt if your hair is long
-protect your pillow cases with a dry towel you are willing to sacrifice
-consider using dye shampoo instead of washing your hair sometimes, please maintain good hygiene though.

This is a first draft. If it’s useful enough for people, I might consider cleaning up and fine-tuning my format, grammar, and punctuation. I might even add photos or go all out and make this an actual how-to article.

Hope this helps. Feel free to message me about anything that has to do with this post.

Kevin Lyttle & Spragga Benz - Turn me on

I was 13 or 14 when this song came out. It was back when the only music I listened to was from the radio on the bus.

I remember it would get stuck in my head, and I liked how beautiful the music video was with all the red.

I just found the song again, and I got that good sinking feeling in my stomach… Wow.

I’m so much of a brain that I have to look-up what I’m feeling.

I don’t see anything wrong with trying to be perfect, or being a dreamer. It’s better than not trying, and accepting life as is.

When I’m around religious people, I try to be respectful and watch what I say (don’t question their religion, omit blasphemy, and so on). Sometimes, I even bend the truth a little (if they ask, I say, “I was raised [religion omitted]” instead of admitting I don’t follow any religion). However, I have never been shy, or bent the truth, about my stance on gay marriage (I’m pro). 

Once you fall in love, you don’t fall out; you just realize you can’t, or shouldn’t, be with the person you love.

You can love more than one person, but the greatest love overshadows the rest.

I was so upset when Pandora started playing K-Pop (way before Gangnam Style). It meant K-Pop was getting bigger. Then, people would know about it, and they’d have opinions about it… I don’t care for people’s opinions. Now, I’m thinking, “idiot, use it to your advantage.” I’m listening to Epik High on Pandora trying to find more songs like 비켜. Unfortunately, it doesn’t support Hangul yet… so, some song titles are written in English  and since I scrobble my Pandora plays to last.fm, it’s going to mess-up my play count! Can’t do that. Bye again, Pandora.